Healing Kiss

To save her dying sister…

Lillian Milano channels energy from the healthy to heal the sick, which makes her an incredible nurse. But her gift puts Lillian and those she loves in danger from an organization that will stop at nothing to exploit her talent. When her sister becomes gravely ill, billionaire computer genius Tristan King is the one man with enough vitality to save her sister’s life. But being near him threatens to expose her secrets and destroy the walls she’s built around her heart.

She bargains with a billionaire.

Tristan doesn’t believe in the supernatural and is wary of emotional entanglements. But his beloved mother is dying, and his lying ex-fiancée won’t leave him alone, so he strikes a deal: In exchange for his help, Lillian must pose as his date for a hospital fundraiser. As the pair work together to save their loved ones, they confront a spiraling web of secrets that threatens their growing feelings for each other. The choices they make will either destroy their lives or heal their hearts. 

praise for healing kiss

"I loved it, couldn’t put it down." - Paranormal Review Guild

"Full of romance, humor, and heart. Uhl's smooth prose and narrative make the book a breeze to go through, and combined with some compelling character work, you find yourself enjoying the story every step of the way. The plot moves at a brisk pace without a single hitch. All in all, a must-read for romance lovers." -- Readers' Favorite

"I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I love how Amanda drops you right into the character so you are seeing everything from her perspective. I couldn't put the book down."  -- Goodreads Reviewer

"I absolutely enjoyed this captivating story which drew me in from page one and kept me hooked throughout. It was well-written with well-rounded characters who were very relatable. This was a fantastic paranormal romance with intrigue and suspense, a definite must-read." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Great storyline, fantastic characters and the added twist of some unconventional healing powers brought this book to the next level." -- NetGalley Reviewer

"Once again, Amanda Uhl delivers a truly enjoyable and heartfelt story that leaves you wanting more. Hats off to Amanda." -- A.K Smith, Award Winning Author of A Deep Thing

"This book had me captivated from page one. Loved the detail and mix of humour, suspense and romance. Told from multiple POV, the story just goes from strength to strength. Highly recommend." -- Bookbub Reviewer

Awards & Honors
First place winner in the 2021 On The Far Side Contest and the 2021 Rudy Writing Contest. Second place winner in the 2019 Diamonds in the Desert Contest. 

Contest Judge: Loved everything about this book.  Was so disappointed to get to the end. 

Contest Judge: I loved this! I love how the author set up both (very believable) internal and external conflicts in both characters in the first few pages. Their actions and motivations are very well-written. The writing is smooth and crystal clear. The characters are well-drawn. And I really want more! (And, no, I never just say that.) I am hooked.

Contest Judge: The story is fresh and original. The author has a great way of getting me to turn the pages.

Contest Judge: The heroine is especially compelling in this story, and there’s a nice degree of emotion and heart that draws the reader in.

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