Praise for Cross Waves   (Available for preorder; releasing Oct. 19, 2020)

Advanced Reader:  I read it all in one sitting and you had me hooked again!! I love the banter back and forth between Rolf and Geneva, its fun to read. And the storyline itself is intriguing and has the reader guessing the whole time.  Another amazing book in the making! Blown away by your talent. Can’t wait to read more.

Advanced Reader: In a sea of shifter and vampire romances, the heroine was a breath of fresh air.

Advanced Reader: The author’s voice is very strong and straightforward. I find the concept and world she has created fascinating.

Advanced Reader: I’m loving the story which is unusual because this isn’t my normal read. Great writing.

Advanced Reader: Wonderful story. I like the use of the prologue for the opening scene instead of using backstory. The characters are believable and have their own voice. Really enjoyed reading—I would buy the book. 

Praise for Mind Waves

It was a mixture of genres and it was woven together in such a way that you did not see the distinction between genres. It just works! —

I look forward to reading more books by this author! The concept is intriguing, and I loved how she incorporated it into the modern world. Great book! —

What a spectacular story for a debut book and definitely a book I would love to see converted into a movie or a mini series on TV! Yes, it was that good and didn’t fall into the cookie cutter PNR mold. —


Praise for Charmed By Charlie

I loved the characters in this book because they each seemed realistic and flawed (even Charlie), and you can’t help but relate to them.” — Readers’ Favorite

The perfect office romance. Funny, charming and a great read.

The Office meets Sixteen Candles! Not just a romance read…it is about life, relationships, and learning to seize the day. —

Uhl’s (Mind Waves) latest is a sweet and cozy romance with genuine feelings and experiences to be worked through and overcome. A lighthearted and engaging read. — Library Journal

Uhl presents diverse characters and a fast-paced story and a dash of mystery for readers to enjoy. — RT Book Reviews

A real page-turner. Fast paced and romantic with a dash of humor. — Books and Benches, Awarded Reviewer’s Choice Seal of Excellence

Praise for Healing Kiss  (Second place winner in the 2019 Diamonds in the Desert Contest. Not yet published.)

Advanced Reader: Wow. This is wonderful. I love this story. It has everything. Great concept, great characters, great story. Can’t wait until this is published to read it all the way through.

Advanced Reader: Great opening! Immediately introduces the magic in this world as well as the conflict. I breezed right through this story, and wanted more. 

Advanced Reader: I like these characters. They’re strong and real, and I want to know more about them. Most importantly, I think the author has created chemistry between them. I loved how the author threaded what Tristan was thinking through something so mundane as brushing his teeth and totally pulled it off.

Praise for Sweet Stuff  Winner of the Unpublished Mid-length category of the 2019 Stiletto Contest. (Not yet published.)

Advanced Reader: A charming, delightful voice. Hank is appropriately suave, and Bethany is cute and quirky. Readers will look forward to getting to know these two. 

Advanced Reader: Strong introductions to the characters make sliding into the plot a sweet journey! When I got to the end of the piece, I tried to turn the page…Will Bethany’s bakery succeed? Will Hank escape the sleek woman? There are multiple conflicts here, and I have good hopes for satisfactory resolutions.

Advanced Reader: I can tell this is going to be a lighthearted romp.  There’s humor; there’s a spunky heroine; there’s a hunky hero; and there’s a hint of the conflict to come. Plus, I’m guessing the author is really a baker – the food descriptors are spot on.

Advanced Reader: I’ve seen/read many stories relating to bakeries. The author has managed to add some original stories that make her character and her challenges more real. The story and characters have charm. The author has a strong voice and has the ability to add those details that enrich a story.

Advanced Reader: Hopefully, when this book is published, the author will include a couple of recipes. My mouth was watering as Bethany was eating the Chocolate Cake…and a three cheese grilled sandwich? Which three cheeses?

Advanced Reader: Strong voice and style. I enjoyed your secondary characters and how their interactions with Bethany gave me insight into her character. The initial recipe details set a lovely tone and sense of place, especially the details about Grandma, which adds to the reader’s sense of Bethany’s character–what sort of woman she is. Well done.

Advanced Reader: This one won me over immediately with chocolate cake on the first page! I love the cozy, small-town feel here, too, and I always dig enemies to lovers. I think a great strength of this piece is that a whole cast of characters were introduced in these opening pages and yet I had no trouble differentiating them.

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