Award-winning Healing Kiss Coming April 27

I started writing Healing Kiss nearly four years ago. I imagined a scene where the heroine, who disappeared suddenly after calling off her engagement three years earlier, returns to ask her former fiancé for help, only to find he has become a billionaire. She’s desperate–her sister is dying and the only one who can possibly save her is the ex–but he’s been deeply hurt and is not disposed to listen. But when she shows up in the middle of the night, he has no choice. Especially after thinking she’s a robber and almost clobbering her over the head with a baseball bat.

I entered the manuscript into several romance-writing contests, and in 2019, placed second in one of them. Following feedback from the contest judges and my critique partners, I tweaked that scene until the characters morphed into something more–something more realistic, more believable, and with more hurdles to overcome. The scene disappeared, the conflict grew bigger, and the stakes grew higher. In 2021, I entered the revised story into two more contests. This time, the story won first place in the paranormal category of both! I was thrilled, and now I was certain I had an exciting story to offer readers…one that would grab them from page one and not let go.

I hope you’ll preorder the story and give it a whirl when it comes out on April 27. And if you enjoy it, be sure and give it some stars on Amazon or wherever you review your books, so that others will discover and enjoy it, too.


To save her dying sister…

Lillian Milano channels energy from the healthy to heal the sick, which makes her an incredible nurse. But her gift puts Lillian and those she loves in danger from an organization that will stop at nothing to exploit her talent. When her sister becomes gravely ill, wealthy computer genius Tristan King is the one man with enough vitality to save her sister’s life. But being near him threatens to expose her secrets and destroy the walls she’s built around her heart.

She bargains with a billionaire.

Tristan doesn’t believe in the supernatural and is wary of emotional entanglements. But his beloved mother is dying, and his lying ex-fiancée won’t leave him alone, so he strikes a deal: In exchange for his help, Lillian must pose as his date for a hospital fundraiser. As the pair work together to save their loved ones, they confront a spiraling web of secrets that threatens their growing feelings for each other. The choices they make will either destroy their lives or heal their hearts. 

Happy Reading!

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