Does an ‘M’ on Your Palm Mean Riches?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a knack for the mysterious–astrology, handwriting, dream interpretation, hypnosis, ghosts, tarot reading, prophecy and so on. I call it my “hidden” talent because I don’t draw on these skills for my day job. But when a friend texted me a link to an article the other day on palm reading, I found myself coming out of my psychic closet.

The article claimed if you have an M on your palm, you would be blessed with wealth among other things. Of course, everyone who read the article was probably checking their palm for the M, wondering why they had yet to receive their windfall.

Some palmists say the letter 'M' in the center of the palm indicates wealth.
Some palmists say the letter ‘M’ in the center of the palm indicates wealth.

To those of you who live in America, I have a prediction: You are wealthy–probably wealthier than 99 percent of the world’s population.

Which brings up a good point. How can a sign on your palm possibly measure something like wealth, which is subject to interpretation?

The answer is it can’t. But it can provide an indicator. Let me explain.

Palm Reading 101
For those who might be newbies, here are the basics. There are three major lines on a palm:

  1. Life Line – This line starts above the thumb and runs around its base to the wrist.
  2. Head Line – This line starts with the life line or slightly above the life line and runs horizontal across the hand.
  3. Heart Line – This line starts on the opposite side of the hand as the life and head lines, usually running horizontal above the headline. Sometimes these lines touch or cross; sometimes they don’t.

Then there are other important lines, such as the fate line, which usually runs vertical up the palm, ending under the middle finger or the ring finger and affection (or marriage lines) which run under the little pinkie.

There are also a whole host of other lines, such as the Rings of Saturn, which run around the wrist, or the Girdle of Venus that circle the ring and middle fingers.

And finally, there are special marks, such as crosses and stars that represent a variety of interpretations, depending on the spot in the hand where they appear.

I might also mention each finger represents a different area. For instance the pointer finger is leadership and ambition and the thumb is logic and will power. The shape of the hand and the length of the fingers all have meaning, too. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the hand you use the most (which for most people is the right hand), records events in a person’s life or what others see on the outside. The lesser used hand records the internal impact of those same events.

Confused yet?
The point is these elements work together to tell a story. The M interpreted as wealth is actually composed of three lines: the head line, heart line, fate line and life line. (See my crudely drawn picture.) The theory is if each of these lines are strong, chances are you will be wealthy, because you will have a successful career and the mental and emotional capacity to earn a good living or marry well.

There is logic to this palm-reading thing after all.

Now if I can just find the sign indicating I’ll publish my book.

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4 thoughts on “Does an ‘M’ on Your Palm Mean Riches?”

  1. I wish I could remember what you said as you read my palm over 27 years ago. I always loved how you did more than just read someone’s palm. You actually got to know the person through your intuition. This was an interesting blog. Maybe, you’ll have to read my palm again someday!

  2. I believe i have a M on my palm but is it an m if my fate line starts at my heart line and ends at my head line? Or does it have to go all the way down? and what does that mean if my fate lines so short?

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