Hey young lady,

You’d better put down that book and live a little. Just kidding. Really, quit pouting. Why do you take everything so seriously? I was just playing with you. No need to be so self-conscious.

Keep on reading. Don’t stop.
These are some of the slowest moving days of your life, so enjoy them while you have them. It may not seem like it now, but one day soon you’ll be chasing kids and working twelve-hour work days. You’ll have a stack of books by your bedside that you just can’t get to, and there will be precious little time to dream as you are doing right now. So, relax and enjoy it, why don’t ya?

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anne of Green Gables? Those girls will show you a good time. In exchange for a walk to the bookmobile, they’ll take you on the most amazing adventures. They’ll share valuable life lessons about being strong and staying positive in the midst of change. As they whisk you away from your quiet, humdrum existence, you’ll also learn where to place that comma and period and how to read and write expressively, skills that will one day land you a great job.

Take your time. Don’t read so fast.
You’ll sob when you reach the end of “These Happy Golden Years,” like you’ve lost your best friend. And that’s okay. In many ways, those books are your good friends. You’ll laugh at the antics of Lizzie Bennet and all her sisters, and your little heart will race when Darcy proposes for the second time and Lizzie accepts. And when you read the book Daddy Longlegs, you will be just as thrilled as the orphan Jerusha Abbott when she discovers the identity of her rich sponsor.

Soon you’ll discover the works of Georgette Heyer on the bookmobile shelf. And while your classmates are attending homecoming and prom, you’ll be waltzing in a ballroom in regency England with the Marquis of Vidal. You’ll race through dozen of her books, and later, when interviewing for a job at the local library, you will be asked what authors you like to read and Heyer will be the only name that comes to mind. This will land you the job, because what young teen could possibly come up with an author like Heyer on a whim? As a result, you’ll spend several glorious years surrounded by your loves in the library stacks.

Now I know you are a sensitive girl.
It doesn’t take much to reduce you to tears or shake your confidence. But try not to worry so much about what others think. Be like Jo March from Little Women, who’s fierce, independent spirit and kind heart shine despite her circumstances. Or like the plain Jane Eyre, who’s childhood pains allow her to look longer and deeper at those around her and find true love despite her situation.

And when it seems like others steal the glory, remember that those heroines you love all experienced heartache before they found their greatest happiness. They refused to compromise their dreams, keeping them alive deep inside like a bank of hot coals, until the moment when experience and opportunity fanned them to life.

So, too, it will be for you.

Stay strong young reader. Your future awaits, and it’s filled with just as much excitement, challenge and romance as the heroines in all your favorite books–maybe even better.

As Anne says, “It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?”

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